Friday, August 16, 2013

The Nanny Uniform

I definitely have a pattern when it comes to dressing for work. It goes something like: jeans, flats, and something interesting on the top. I try to wear well fitting, yet comfortable jeans, and stay away from boxy tee shirts. Here's a peek into this past week:

striped tee, bright cardi, straight legged ankle jeans
Thrifted Tee, Cardi, and Jeans; Gap Flats; Handmade Necklace via Etsy

These jeans are one of my most recent thrift finds and I love them! They fit perfectly, the wash is great, and I love the straight leg that ends right at my ankle. I rarely find jeans (thrifted or new) that don't require some sort of tailoring so this is a big win.

striped peasant top, skinnies, moccs

This top is so comfortable but I can see now that It needs to be hemmed. Otherwise I loved this outfit. So comfortable.

floral top, purple jeans
Thrifted Top; JCPenney Jeans; Payless Flats; INPink Earrings

I felt like kind of genius on Wednesday night when I realized this top could go with these jeans. There are really tiny purple flowers on the top that really popped against these jeans. I think now I've paired this top with every pair of pants I own. Yay remixing!

Do you have a daily uniform?

Rachel The Hat


  1. The thing about stylish people is that they know what works and can mix and match pieces - that's why the uniform idea is useful. I tend to keep my work wear and casual wear separate, so I don't feel like I am at work all the time! My work wear is basically smart trousers and interesting tops. Love your floral blouse.

    1. That's true! Sometimes the uniform feels boring but you are right!

  2. Love Thursday's shirt!
    Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion! ♥

  3. jeans are so tricky to buy i find, these look super on you!!thanks so much for linking up to passion for fashion, cant wait to see you again tmrw xx


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