Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grab and Go

winter blacks photo IMG_5711_zps5018f2bf.jpg
polka dot collar photo IMG_5707_zpsef1e985d.jpg
blacks, polka dots photo IMG_5703_zpscb17618f.jpg

Target Kimono Dress, $10 (these are a steal right now. go and get yourself the most flattering, comfortable dress ever!)
Thrifted Polka Dot Button Up, $2 (similar)
Fleece Tights via Burlington Coat Factory, $7
Connie Boots via Famous Footwear, $40 (similar)
Wrinkles c/o sitting in church for 2 hours

Do you go through phases in regards to how you get dressed?  Sometimes I outfit plan like a crazy person.  I have everything all organized, categorized, and put together into great outfits so I can just dip into my outfit list at any time and be good to go.  And then sometimes I just grab a bunch of stuff out of my closet, put it on, and make it work.  The latter has been my approach lately.  I've been grabbing one piece that I feel like wearing, and planning an outfit around it.  I feel like both approaches have their place and time.  Outfit planning is great for staying organized, but sometimes I feel like it takes the creativity out of getting dressed just a bit.  I feel like I've finally edited my closet down to the point where I can just throw things on and go, so I've been enjoying the "grab and go" approach. 

How do you usually handle getting dressed?


  1. Cute! I've only just started layering shirts under dresses.

    1. Isn't it great?! When I started this fall it's like a new world opened up. I feel like I get so much more out of my closet now!

  2. Love this! I thought it was one piece at first!

    1. Thanks! They are a pretty perfect match. :-)

  3. These two pieces work so well together! I do have a few combos that I reach for when I'm in a hurry/don't feel like trying, but I don't think I'm quite at "grab and go" yet.

  4. Love those dots! And that all black looks so chic on you : )


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