Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Search


JCP Dress, $20 (similar)
Connie Boots via Famous Footwear, $40 on clearance

I've worn this outfit so many times before. I've probably even blogged it. But alas, I love it, and it's what I wore this week.  I know I sing the praises of this dress all the time, but seriously.  It's amazing.  I just wish I could find more like it.

Speaking of finding clothes, I've been trying to find some tunics to add to my nanny wardrobe.  I'm thinking tunics and leggings would be a great alternative to tee shirts and jeans, while still being comfortable and easy to wash.  I'm looking for ones that are modest (read: not too low in the front), cheap, and loosely cut.  Sadly, most tunics I've found are more of a body con style, which I don't really care for or feel comfortable in.  I'm looking for something like this. Or this.  Something with a bit of structure at the waist or bust. Long sleeved, preferably. Maybe I should just shorten some dresses?  If you have a favorite, affordable tunic, let me know. :-)


  1. That really is a great dress, very versatile.

    I like the leggings and tunic look too, but sometimes like to go for a shirt dress in denim which looks good with boots.

    I was initially hesitant to wear leggings because I wore them a lot in the early nineties in my late teens/early twenties. Back in those days leggings seemed to go baggy at the knees after half an hours wear. Fortunately leggings have come a long way and are a welcome addition to my wardrobe :)

  2. If you already have dresses, what's wrong with wearing them with leggings? Or are they too... dressy? I think some dress like this (which is super cute, by the way) would look good with a cardigan and leggings too.

    1. That's kind how I feel...just too..dressy. I'm thinking about it though, since I already have dresses. :-)


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