Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Few Things I Wore Recently

Well hello! :-)  Now that you've seen everything I've worn the last 2 weeks, let's take a peek at what I've worn more recently, shall we?

I have about half a dozen things in my closet that I hadn't worn yet, so this week I made an effort to do so.  Most of them were relatively new, but a few got lost in the move and finally were found again!

Saturday: Francesca's Dress ($14)
Pamida Cardi; Thrifted Belt ($2); Gap Flats (clearance, $12); Fair Trade Necklace via Uniquely Yours ($16)

Ok, so this is new. I'd never been in a Francesca's Collection before our trip, but I loved it! I could have bought the whole store, but instead walked out with this dress and a pair of earrings.

Monday: Vintage Pink Skirt ($4)
Polka Dot Top via Burlington ($7); Vintage Necklace (was Grandma's); Thrifted Cardi; So Flats via Kohl's ($9)

A few of the items I had were things I bought with my shop in mind and decided to keep for myself, this skirt being one of them.  Best thing about this skirt? Pockets. :-)  It might still need a hem, but I love the color and the adorable buttons.

Tuesday: Floral rue21 Dress ($9)
Thrifted Belt ($2); F21 Leggings ($5); Wanted Boots via The Shoe Dept. ($20)

I just got this dress when were were in Colorado.  I love the print and the cut, and was eager to wear it to get my hair cut on Tuesday.

I'm still playing around with how I want to do outfit posts, so bear with me!  Not sure if I want to do a whole week, or 3 at a time or...something else.  We'll just wait and see. :-)


  1. I love the last two. They look so perfect on you.

  2. I would SO wear that monday and tuesday outfits! you look amazing,! I love that floral dress :) x

    1. Thanks Nikki! That dress is so comfortable, I could wear it all the time! :-)


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